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Stepping onto a blacktop that’s cracking and brittle can be dangerous. At Morlock Asphalt Ltd, our paving is made to last. We use up-to-date equipment and experienced crews.

Morlock Asphalt Ltd's owner, with 20+ years of experience, is present on every job, residential or commercial. But that's not enough; we also staff pros with 10+ years of experience, too.  

There's no reason to sweat the small stuff. With Morlock Asphalt Ltd, blacktop thickness is guaranteed. If you are proposed a 3" blacktop, that's exactly what you'll get.

Have you ever seen a fifteen year old driveway without a crack in it?

Call us to see some of our work - and you will. Call 419-686-4601 today!

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Attention to detail

20+ years of experience

Thickness is guaranteed

Work that will last

Over 20 years of experience has taught us to make quality last!